27 August, 2007

#23.Final thoughts

23 Things was a great and interesting experience for me .
It was the first time I had to deal with online learning .Now I have a " clue" what online learning means : figure it out by yourself .
From this point of view 23 Things was a challenging experience .
Being a stubborn person I didn't give up easily even if I had to spend more time on certain tasks.
As you can see my blog doesn't have "personality" .
I didn't express my thoughts about the tasks we had to accomplish , like other participants did.
The reason is I wanted to summarize the 23 Things as I mentioned when I registered my blog. So instead of seeing my thoughts you will see definitions which for some people might have been seen as useless but for me (I am not an native English speaker) has a great value , because this course about the latest technologies in USA libraries,(meaning all the terminology) is new for me.
I want to know exactly what I did and how I did , if I ever check my blog again .I know I will.
Like I said before , 23 Things was a great and valuable experience which gave me an overview of the latest technologies in USA libraries.

#22.Learn about audio books

I explored both NetLibraryandProject Gutenberg .I sign up for Netlibrary .
I consider these two easy to navigate and interesting .I download Jane Austen's Prde and prejudice.

#21. Discover some useful tools for locating podcasts:

Podcast is used to refer to a non-musical audio or video broadcast that is distributed over the Internet.
The difference between a podcast and a regular streaming audio or video is often done automatically through RSS.
Podcasts take many forms , from short 1-10 minutes commentaries to much longer interviews or panel group discussions.
Podcasts directories :
iTunes,-requires download
Yahoo Podcasts
MERLIN podcasting learning link -how libraries are using podcast

Discovery exercise:
I subscribed the RSS feeds of library geeks, library channel,ESL. to my bloglines account.


-library geeks -
-library channel- http://ia340925.us.archive.org/3/items/TheASULibraryChannel/EP49_FacTeamIntro.mp3
-English as a second language podcast.-http://cache.libsyn.com/eslpod/ESLPod298.mp3

25 August, 2007

Stefan Banica Jr. - Te iubesc femeie

Stefan Banica is one of the best Romanian singer.The theme of the song is living a lifetime with your other half.
Nu stiu ce-a fost in capul meu atunci
Te-am luat de soatza ca sa nu mai plangi
N-aveai nici zestre cum era firesc
Cu toate astea te iubesc, femeie (femeie).
'Era bine totusi daca aduceai si tu ceva.'
M-ai pus sa-ti cant spre seara sub balcon
Sa-nvat balade la acordeon
Vecinii tai ma-njurau regesc
Cu toate astea te iubesc, femeie (femeie).
'Puteam sa le zic si eu cateva.'

O vreau asa cum este ea
Sunt norocos ca e a mea.

'E, nu te umfla in pene ca n-am zis io
Asa e textul.'

Ai vrea s-aveam vreo 4-5 copii
Cu ce-o sa-i crestem numai tu oi stii
Ma pui la treaba pana obosesc
Cu toate astea te iubesc, femeie (femeie).
'Ce vrei, am si eu tainingul meu.'
Tu vrei sa prindem nunta de argint
Pe mine ma ia spaima, nu te mint
Un sfert de secol o sa-nnebunesc
Cu toate astea te iubesc, femeie (femeie).
'Doamne, 25 de ani !'


'Ti-am spus, nu te mai umfla in pene
Asa e cantecul.'
'Acesta e fost o trompeta.'
'Aceasta nu stiu ce-a fost.'


'Nu te umfla in..., dar nici nu ma mai obosesc sa-ti spun.'

Iar cand se intampla sa imi fie rau
Esti langa mine cu tot sufletul tau
Imi dai curaj, m-ajuti sa reusesc
Si uite de-asta te iubesc femeie, (femeie).

24 August, 2007

Podcasts.Video & Downloadable

#20. Discover YouTube and a few sites that allow users to upload and share videos.

YouTube is currently a dog serving up over 100 million video views a day and allowing users not only to upload but also to embed clips into their sites easily.

Other popular video hosting sites:

Yahoo Videos, Google videos, Others - top video site list

#19.Discover any site from the Web2.0 awards list New internet technologies and web-sites that are empowering users with the ability to create and share content.


I chose to explore http://www.biblio.com/
It's book search engine....similar with Amazon.com....where you can find books by author ,title....or if you want to buy used books you can buy them for 2 dolars.

Web-based applications-Google Doc

Discovery exercise

I explored both Zoho Writer and Google Docs . I created a free account for both of them but when I tried to post my document with the Zoho Writer it didn't worked out ....even if I followed all the steps that I had to in order to do that...anyway I post my picture with Google Doc..and here's my picture.